a journey to the past

digging through the archives, I stumbled upon a lot of small photo sets I have never posted in my blog – this film was one of the few black and white rolls I shot with the vivitar ultra wide & slim in the three years I’ve been using it – I now use it exclusively with colour film. these photos were shot on a single roll of polypan f 50, over the course of several mornings and afternoons I spent walking around my neighbourhood. not sure of the exact date (the wonders of a notoriously messy mind) but, judging from the other photos in the roll, it is may 2010. two years ago. my neighbourhood has certainly changed a lot since then.

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  • not bad! I made an order for a 90m roll yesterday. after seeing this it feels like I won’t regret it!
    it looks good slightly over exposed in the middle I think, specially with the vinjetting.

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